False allegations of sexual abuse

I have acted for both the Crown and the defence as an expert witness or medical advisor in cases involving allegations of sexual assault. I have always acknowledged that sexual assault occurs and have never condoned it. I have no desire for guilty people to escape punishment. However the basic premise under which I have always operated is that both true and false allegations occur. I believe in the overriding tenet of innocent until proven guilty and that people are entitled to a fair trial.

I am on the side of Increase Mather, President of Harvard College, 1692, in ‘A Case of Conscience’ who said

It were better that a hundred witches go free than one innocent person be condemned

rather than the court psychologist in 1989 who proclaimed

I would rather see ten fathers wrongly accused than one child sent back into what could be an abusive situation

In the late 1980s and early 1990s “believe the child” and “women and children never lie about abuse” were widespread amongst sexual abuse agencies and literature, both in NZ and overseas It was claimed that false allegations of sexual abuse rarely if ever happened. While I accepted very few of the cases the barristers asked me to assist with, given the belief that all allegations must be true, I was viewed as a ‘hired gun’ by organisations such as Doctors for sexual abuse Care (DSAC). I was called an ‘apologist for paedophils’ and said to be supporting rapists to go free.

In 1994 I published a book about the rising number of false allegations of sexual assault and the various types of arena in which these could occur.

First Do No Harm: the sexual abuse industry

Goodyear-Smith FA Auckland, Benton-Guy Publishers, 167 pp, 1993

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